Elon Musk Talks Regular Manned SpaceX Starship Flights by 2023

Elon Musk thinks he could have the Starship making regular flights with people by 2023. He said this in an interview with Joe Rogan.

Elon Musk had SpaceX make the Starship more pointy because it looks cooler.

All parts of the SpaceX Starship are evolving at the same time. The mass production system for SpaceX Starship is ten times harder.

The avionics the software the ground systems are all evolving simultaneously so and the whole production system which is actually harder than the rocket design by far so the rocket and engine and avionics. The production system is a thousand percent harder than the initial design.

same with cars it’s like ten thousand percent and it’s easy to do a car prototype. It’s hard to do production.

Starship will get to orbit this year.

The Super Heavy Starship will have twice the thrust of the Saturn V. The Super Heavy Starship will weigh 5000 tons on liftoff. This is about the weight of a nuclear submarine.

SOURCES- Joe Rogan
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. If you look at SpaceX's video for launch SN9, you can see flames coming out of one of the turbopumps. T+32 to T+45, and again at T+1:10-1:15, approximately.

    Their turbopumps apparently leak. Don't imagine that's very good for engine life, having your engine on fire as well as firing.


  2. Musk tends to put out "If everything goes right" schedules, that slide as everything doesn't go right. If when he gives a date, you add " at the earliest", you'll understand.

  3. Yep, you're right – I was remembering the final 'landing', where one of SN8's engines cut out at the end, while the other was still burning itself up.

    So 2 engines – good for flip, 1 engine not good for flip and not going to land safely anyhow.

  4. Did you see the time when he "smoked" the weed? All that happened is Rogan was talking up some weed he (Rogan) had sitting on the table and sort of pushed Musk into sampling it. Musk took one puff, and wasn't very impressed.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Musk uses weed in private, but he did not come on that Rogan show intending to smoke some weed in order to make a splash.

  5. It's widely known that Musk's prediction timelines run on Mars time, though as he actually gets his project into space he may be shifting to the Jovian calendar.

  6. Look again: SN8, both engines started, but thanks to low fuel pressure, they were running "engine rich", and didn't produce full thrust while burning up.

    SN9, only one engine started. Even less thrust, but not running "engine rich".

  7. Unlike those companies Tesla and SpaceX have real products and real revenues. But Elon does live at the bleeding edge. The biggest risk right now is an early demise.

  8. There doesn't have to be a prime reality for this to be a simulation. The computer is composed of quantum particles virtual and real connected in a vast network sending messages back and for. We are the results of these interaction.

  9. Software is only as good as the engineer is paranoia.

    The Raptors need to be more reliable. Can't be launching three times a day with the current Raptors.

  10. I don't see it. More like 2025. It will take all of 2021 to just get to orbit and maybe not even then. 2022 to 2023 to prefect the system. 2024 to make it man rated.

  11. Lol guy I know who runs a bait store just bought internet from him, so I’d say he’s on the right track and you are definitely not…

  12. Last time he missed the cryptocurrency bet and didn’t hit $1 trillion in net worth until after 2025. So he couldn’t afford to build dozens of ocean spaceports until several years later.

  13. Still? SN8 was so successful SpaceX pivoted to canceling several planned iterations. SN 12, 13, and 14 have been dropped as not needed and SpaceX moved on to the next development phase with SN 15+. They’ll get the landing with SN 10 or SN 11 which are effectively complete. Development was accelerated by those exploding unmanned Starships.

  14. If you're having the best run-through of a game ever, winning big at every challenge, do you deliberately try to mess it up by trying to make it glitch out? This is probably his hundredth time playing through "Mars Or Bust", and he's finally getting good at it!

  15. Something I've been wondering… SN8 did a near perfect 'final flip' despite having just one engine working – landed near vertical.

    SN9 also only got one engine working, but didn't recover after half-way through the flip.


    Maybe the control software knew there was only one engine for SN8 and adapted by throttling up, but on SN9 assumed the 2nd engine was working, so didn't throttle up as much? I've been assuming that the software is adaptive to its real world situation – like balancing a broom – but maybe it makes assumptions about how much thrust there is, rather than measuring it?

  16. unless your sim is akin to a serial killer's clues as a challenge to detectives to figure him out, then one of the first things you would design into the sim is negligible/impossible likelihood of discerning the simulation from within.

    E.G. arrange your sim so any proof of the simulation is necessarily beyond the cosmological horizon.

  17. Still can't make unexploding unmanned ones. Five years from now Elon Musk will join the likes of ouya and teranos as one if not the most costly joke ever.

  18. Does Musk have proof that he is a simulated being in a simulation – first person evidence? Why does he not attempt to unravel the nature of the prime reality?

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