Wild Technological Leaps by the 2030s

The 2020s could see the true birth of true 21st Century Technology.

Fully Reusable Rockets Instead of Planes

Fully reusable SpaceX Starships will lower the cost to access space by ten to one hundred times. There will be thousands of Starships built by 2030. Each can cost less then $20 million which is ten times less than a 767 cargo plane. The Starship would move 100 tons at mach 20 while the 767 moves at 0.8 mach and moves about 50 tons. The 767 costs $200 million.

Millions of Satellites for Multi-gigabit Internet and Super GPS Everywhere

SpaceX already has over 1300 Starlink satellites in orbit and they are providing download speeds up to 400 megabits per second with 20 second latency. Super Heavy Starship drops the per Starlink launch cost by fifty to one hundred times. The launch cost drops ten to twenty times and the payload increases by five times. SpaceX already launched 240 Starlink satellites in one month. SpaceX could increase to launching 24,000 Starlink satellites in a month. This would mean ten gigabit per second download speeds everywhere on Earth with a capacity to replace all cellular and internet communication. This would also mean centimeter-accurate GPS for global robots and not just in warehouses.

Self-Driving Cars, Self Driving Trucks and Robotaxis

Ten cents per mile Robotaxi’s and level 5 full self-driving could arrive in the 2022-2025 timeframe. Cars built with the hardware for these systems are already on the road. There should be 4 million such cars in 2022 and over 20 million full self-driving cars could be built by 2025. Ten million robo-taxis could give rides equal to 100 million human-driven cars.

AI Conquers Self-Driving and Ready to Automate Robots and Everything Else That Moves

Tesla has created their own chips for the Dojo self-driving training supercomputer. Tesla will be using NPU chips (Neural Processing Unit). Currently, it takes 3 days to do a training session for self-driving. The deployment of Dojo will allow for larger training sets and reduce the training time to 7 hours. This would allow three training sessions per day instead of two per week. The new hardware and software will enable unlabeled and more unsupervised training. Parts of Dojo were already online in August-October 2020. More parts of Dojo have been released or are being released with the new FSD betas. Self-driving training and improvement will scale up by ten times and then accelerate even more with additional training software and process improvements and being able to leverage more data.

The self-driving car and truck system will be applicable for self-driving of drones, airplanes and automation of robots.

Hyper Integration of Cities for Massive Economic Boosts and a Post Pandemic Boom Greater Than Post WW2 Boom

Electric self-driving trucks would be on the road 23 hours out of every day. This would triple the miles driven compared to human trucks where the driver would have to rest after 8 hours of driving.

There are about 60 million people in the North-Eastern USA (Boston, New York, DC regions). Instead of this being a loosely connected cluster of 4 metro-areas self-driving trucks could integrate the region. This would be a quadrupling of connected people and potentially provide a 25-30% boost in per capita productivity.

The top 29 global megaregions generate $29 trillion in GDP. If connectedness was boosted with self-driving vehicles for a 25-30% boost in productivity for all megaregions this would be a global boost of $8-10 trillion.

Solar and Battery Future Could go to 50% by 2030

Massive infrastructure spending could increase solar, wind and battery storage energy to 40-50% of total US energy by 2031.

Antiging Warp Speed Project Well Underway and Delivering Results

The biggest thing could be a multi-trillion dollar warp speed program to deliver radical antiaging by 2035. This could get started by 2025. There could be initial treatments that provide some antiaging benefits which will make everyone realize comprehensive, combination antiaging treatments is a realistic and urgent goal.

An interesting result is that Elon Musk could become a multi-trillionaire, make our species multi-planetary but he would be historically rated behind the heroes who conquer aging for humanity.

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Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com