antiagingBillionaires Longevity and Low Taxes

Paul Krugman wrote an opinion piece where he rants against future radical life extension. Krugman fears that it will only be available to billionaires. Krugman scenario is that Peter Thiel would still be alive, wealthy and healthy in 2067 when …

artificial intelligenceBolonkin Explores Ultimate Uploading and Technology

One of the main speculations about future technology is uploading. This is where our minds are copied in exact detail from our biological physical bodies and then created in artificial bodies. Alexander Bolonkin has posited many kinds of technology over …

Pace of Super-technology Will Define the 21st Century

There are super-technologies which are emerging that will define the 21st century. The highest potential super-technologies are ones which will enhance intelligence and human control of the material world at molecular and other levels. The super-technologies are Genome editing applied …

antiagingTwo Antiaging Treatments in Phase 3 Clinical Trials has a list of antiaging treatments and their stage of clinical approval. There are two treatments in phase 3 clinical trials and four in phase 2 clinical trials. The phase 2 clinical trials are two senescent cell treatments and …

futureBrian Wang of Nextbigfuture Will Give the Keynote Speech on May 19

Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture will give the keynote speech at the May 19 Monte Jade Asian American event at the Marriott San Jose Cupertino, 19429 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino.

antiagingRejuvenate Bio Has Started Offering Gene Therapy for Dogs

Rejuvenate Bio is offering a cardio-protective gene therapy that can stop the progression of MVD (Mitral Valve Disease). They are preparing to run a pilot study in dogs with MVD.

antiagingPartial Cellular Reprogramming to Reverse Aging in Cells

The top antiaging research at Sinclair's lab is partial cellular reprogramming. He feels this is more powerful than senescent cell removal or calorie restriction. His lab in 2018 was able to regrow the optic nerve of a mouse.