COVID Cases Surging in India and the World

India has more than 200,000 new cases in a single day and this is overloading hospitals and the medical system. India cities have announced curfews.

Millions are attending a Hindu pilgrimage in northern India. Thousands of people, often maskless, have been attending political rallies in several states voting in local elections throughout April.

India has been using the AstraZeneca vaccine and another domestic vaccine. The vaccines are manufactured in India. India has administered more than 110 million doses of vaccines. India has 1.4 billion people and most of the vaccines require two doses.

The Indian government is looking to ramp up its vaccine supply and has fast-tracked approvals for widely used foreign-made vaccines like the Pfizer and Moderna ones.

The official Indian statistics underestimate the death count and case count. “In India, even in the best of times, 1 in 5 deaths is medically recorded,” says Ramanan Laxminarayan, founder and director of Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, a research house in Washington, D.C. Laxminarayan estimates actual deaths attributed to COVID-19 are between 1 million and 2 million.

India has an official daily COVID case count of over 200,000.

The official global COVID death count is nearing 3 million.

SOURCES- NPR, US News, Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,