Russia Needs Odessa to Chokehold Ukraine Economy

If Russia wants to have a puppet or obedient government in Ukraine then Russia must hold the port and maritime facilities at Odessa.

Possession of Odessa, however, would provide Russia with effective control over Ukraine’s maritime trade – given that the port handles 70% of the country’s shipping and few viable alternative ports exist – and thus give it a long-term veto over Ukraine’s foreign policy. The area, with its large Russian population, may be viewed by the Russians – correctly or otherwise – as likely to be quiescent in the face of such a change.

Holding Kyiv the capital would be symbolic but it would be very costly to maintain.

Odessa seems to be the key military objective for Putin.

SOURCES – Royal United Services Institute
Written by Brian Wang,

23 thoughts on “Russia Needs Odessa to Chokehold Ukraine Economy”

  1. You're probably right, Brian. It would make sense for the Russians to capture Odessa.
    I would think Kherson too, since it's at the mouth of the Dnieper River. That would cut Kiev (I'm not spelling it the new way) off from the sea completely.
    Textbook battle strategy. Control the littorals.
    This is the Battle of New Orleans repeated 210 years later.

  2. They did the same with George W. Bush.
    On one hand, he was the stupidest man to ever draw breath.
    On the other, he was a brilliant mastermind who deceived all of Congress into believing there were WMD's in Iraq.
    So which is it?

  3. Russia massed most troops on Ukraine border starting in March 2021.

    Putin talked about restoring the Soviet empire back in 1999.
    A few days before he became president, in late 1999, Putin wrote an article in the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta, outlining his task as he saw it. “For the first time in the past 200–300 years, Russia faces the real danger that it could be relegated to the second, or even the third tier of global powers,” Putin warned. He called on Russians to unite to make sure that the country remained what he called a “first-tier” nation.

    “Through you, we got used to being winners,” Putin told veterans on his first Victory Day, two days after his inauguration in 2000. With each year, the victory narrative became more pronounced. Questioning the darker sides of the Soviet war narrative, such as the deportation of 2 million Soviet citizens during the war, or the ruthless tactics of the Stalin regime on the eve of the conflict, became ever more taboo. Putin was determined that Russians should not be made to feel guilty for their past.

    In 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin called the collapse of the Soviet empire “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

    This guy needs some praise to encourage his actions?

  4. Words after the military mobilization in motion for 1 year. Obama did nothing effective in 2014, 2015 about the prior Crimea action. There is no deception. Increased fracking of oil and gas is what brought down the price of oil and gas. this impacted Russia. Reducing new Russian airplane acquisition from 60-100 per year down to 20 per year. Obama saying pretty words matter less than Javelin missiles. Obama also told President Medvedev in 2012 on a mic. Obama will have more flexibility with Russia after the 2012 election. Obama also wrong during debate with Romney. Actions. Comments like comments here don't do shit. Actually do stuff. What is Biden doing? What did Biden do? What did his administration do? Why is everything always failing?
    Because he is fucking weak and corrupt. You know it. I know it. Taliban knows it. China knows it. Putin knows it. That is why shit is going down now and not when Trump was President. that is why Crimea happened under Obama/Biden.

  5. NATO is not going to do shit to stop Russia's actions in Ukraine. You have seen, are seeing and will see inaction. Whether there is or is not the structure of NATO, western leaders can participate for some actions and not participate in others. Middle East countries joined US military coalitions even when they were not part of NATO.

    Projecting clear solidarity mattered during the Cold War period. But what signaling did Germany give when they shut off three nuclear reactors January 2022 to double natural gas imports mostly from Russia.
    Trump lectured Germany about Russian control. Rude but factual and necessary. How is anything NATO is doing actually stronger in confronting Putin? Also, why did none of this effective and smart action not happen in 2021? Trump actually forced the military spending up of NATO countries.

  6. Putin built up forces for a year. The first year where the President was Joe Biden. Democrats control the house and senate during that time as well.
    2014 President Obama, VP Biden (Putin takes Crimea). Obama and Joe provide no weapons to Ukraine. Troops go Poland the years after.
    2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 President Trump
    2021, 2022 Joe Biden. Afghanistan falls to Taliban, Putin invades Ukraine
    It is the few words saying Putin outsmarted Biden that make the difference? Haha. Democrats went against the US and Trump all the time in words and actions.

  7. So, that still leaves Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary to 'delusionally' be liberated, since there is obvious 'opposition to the current democracies' in those countries…

  8. well. that speech right?
    the Putin speech to justify Russian’s actions. It is striking how much Putin cites history, going as far back as the 17th century.
    One of Putin’s core views is that Ukraine is not a legitimate country in its own right. … So, I will start with the fact that modern Ukraine was entirely created by Russia or, to be more precise, by Bolshevik, Communist Russia.” Putin himself published a July 2021 essay “On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians,” which discusses Ancient Rus.
    … citing the history of Stalin, Khruschev, the 1917 October Revolution, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and what Stalin did in 1922 with respect to the People’s Commissar of Ethnic Affairs. The need for the earlier Soviet Union to offer concessions to the nationalists is portrayed as one reason why Ukraine was allowed to have some of its identity as Ukraine. A typical passage:
    “Soviet Ukraine is the result of the Bolsheviks’ policy and can be rightfully
    called “Vladimir Lenin’s Ukraine.” He was its creator and architect. This is
    fully and comprehensively corroborated by archival documents, including Lenin’s harsh instructions regarding Donbass, which was actually shoved into Ukraine.”
    By the time you get to the end of Putin’s speech he is still talking about history, and reciting how Ukraine squandered the wonderful inheritance left to them by the Soviet Union; now a tool of Western attempts to disrupt Russia


  9. careful. the Desperate 'do act out'. Simply severing the area from all financial, economic, and travel/ movement may lead to a cataclysmic act – a N.Korea nothing-to-lose 'gesture'. I had always figued Russia was a bit more prone to coup and overthrow — no ins?

  10. Not convinced. It's about how Putin and his croneys are viewed by his population, the ex-soviet breakaway republics, and his military/political colleagues/inferiors. A group of glory-seeking, Slav-superiority fascists with thoughts of 'unleashing the great soviet bear'. They only respond to the removal of all support and credibility. They wither and desist at the loss of their perceived 'elvated place'. It's all political. Remove them from the UN, financial/economic associations/currency/trade access, other 'world stage' entities. They don't care about the loss of oil revenue. They have starved and scarificed their people for generations- who cares? – to be without money and food is one thing; but without respect, admiration, and awe – that is unforgiveable. unacceptable. untenable. They are but cartoon evil creatures – klingons, practically.

  11. This would not be happening if not for their idiocy.
    The love of adventurism to impress the locals has its consequences, the contrary result is the exposure of their impotence.

  12. Right now a lot of innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children are being killed by Russian soldiers and all you can think about is Trump. Regardless of how you view him, this is not the time or place to air those views. We should be focused on how we can help Ukraine. Not endlessly regurgitating anti Trump venom. The guy isn't President. He's irrelevant. Let go of your anger towards him and focus on something helpful.

  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Ukrainian people. I urge the US and our NATO allies to take every measure possible to help Ukraine. The Russian invasion must de defeated. It is not just the freedom of the Ukrainian people that is at stake, but rather the pillars of democracy and the rule of law. Putin is no different than Hitler. He must be stopped now.

  14. Nothing, since it's not a US puppet. Its had multiple free, fair elections. It's a constitutional democracy. Its people want to be independent of Russia. This should be clear to anyone who's observing the conduct the of the Ukrainian people right now. Their army is fighting with every ounce of its strength against the Russian invaders.

  15. Another evidence free accusation. Trump is nearly all powerful in your head. It is interesting that he is all powerful but also very stupid. The root of all evil. Leading the gullible who do not have your gut feel against deception. It is clearly gut feel because you do not need data or evidence to know that Trump and Republicans are evil and wrong in all things.

  16. Biden and his administration has at least tried to deter Russian regime from launching an invasion and actively worked to deter them. He at least listens to what others have to say. Trump on the other hand praised such man plays golf and lies all the time. Trump does not work for the interests of USA. If Trump was sucessful at coup, Ukraine wouldnt get any help or much to lesser extent. It would made russian regime much easier to invade foreign country. Trump even tried to blackmail the Ukrainian president and got impeached. Ukrainian president was fair enough not to be allowed to be blackmailed by Trump. Democracy is still not dead. Republican party backed by Koch (oil and coal) lobby is not helpful here.

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