Electric Viking Inspired and Convinced by Nextbigfuture

Sam Evans was inspired and convinced by my Nextbigfuture Tesla and the Perfect EV Storm video.

Sam obviously saw my Perfect EV Storm video. He uses my thumbnail in his tweeted video announcement and uses my phrase “Perfect Storm” is coming for EV.

He then changes his mind about the prospects for legacy auto to align with my conclusion that legacy auto are mostly doomed to bankruptcy or irrelevance. I do not think that the Chinese companies will do as well outside of China as Sam still thinks they will do.

Sam is incorrect that Tesla has a 200 GWH/year battery contract with Gotion. Tesla likely has a 200 GWh contract over 5-6 years with Gotion.

The rapid conversion of the China and European auto market to EV will damage Volkswagen and other legacy companies.

Sam overlayed Elon Musk’s face over mine in his actual Youtube thumbnail and forgot to cite me or my actual video.

Sam did refer to me, Brian Wang and Nextbigfuture, verbally in a prior video he made. Sam was basing some content on my article about Ford.

I had said:
Tesla is expected to have globally sold about 320,000 to 340,000 BEV in the first quarter of 2022. Tesla probably had about 100,000 BEV vehicle sales in February, 2022. Tesla’s global sales are very close to Ford’s US sales in February and for the first quarter of 2022. Tesla US sales and production from Fremont and Austin should surpass Ford US sales late in 2023 or 2024 when Fremont is ramped further to over 750,000 and Austin production is up around 750,000.

This was a slight overestimate for Q1 2022 for Tesla. Tesla ended up with 310,000 for Q1. There were more non-battery supply chain constraints combined with the 6 days of Shanghai shutdown.

SOURCES – the Electric Viking and mainly Brian Wang’s analysis of Tesla and LFP batteries.
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com