Nextbigfuture Twitter Space

I had twitter space. I discussed Tesla share price crash and debate my theories on Master Plan 3 where the Tesla will dominate Semi and pickup trucks and use that to massively scale battery storage.

Here is the recording.

6 thoughts on “Nextbigfuture Twitter Space”

  1. I predict electric cars are going to be modularized like PCs and only companies produce battery, engine, self driving system… will thrive like cpu, hard driver… in PC world.

  2. You tried to spread this domintion psychotic illusion on small EV’s before. It did not work anow you are moving with Tesla to Trucks. The Car market is too big and complex to talk about domination, same for trucks where there are other players who some of them are more experienced and have actually introduced before Tesla. The world does not need a binary mindset. Whoever is in the business of making prediction need to be able to appreciate complex and contradictory information and not someone with a primitive aredent follower mentality!

    • Even though the auto market likely edge out fossil fuel entirely, it’s very true that one company shouldn’t be dominating the entire market. That’s bad for business, in general. Then again, I seem to remember hearing that Elon Musk wanted to encourage competitors. How true that is, I’m not sure.

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