EU Computing Roadmap

Jo De Boeck, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, imec & KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium talked about the EU Chips Act and roadmaps and challenges that the EU sees for future computing. He notes that the next generation AI model GPT4 will likely be 500 times larger than OpenAI GPT3 (basis for ChatGPT).

3 thoughts on “EU Computing Roadmap”

  1. For those unaware the 2nd version of GAA on the IEEE/Imec roadmap at the bottom obscured by the image label (great quality control there Brian 😂) is likely to be the Forksheet FET.

    Forksheet is the natural followup to Nanosheet that folds performance benefits of earlier GAA designs into a more compact device with some extra performance tricks for superior scaling across the board.

    Nanosheet areal density is actually worse than FinFET for the same pitch – so a design at the same pitch would perform better, but take up more area which is probably why TSMC are waiting to a lower pitch to transition from FinFET so customer designs do not balloon in size too much.

    I imagine that with just 5 years projected on Imec’s roadmap that we will start to hear about TSMC’s plans for Forksheet within a year or 2 at most.

  2. L5 autonomous is theoretically possible today with a mobile phone CPU and V2X. Keep in mind power consumption scales with driving speed. 33% energy penalty is BS pulled out of arse, not innovative. All the current autonomous tech is hobbled by the siloed approach without V2X, thus inherently exponentially increasing computing power required.

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