Midjourney – AI Generated Art

It is possible to use AI, like Midjourney, to generate art and resell it at adobe stock photos.

Here are some videos that describe how to use Midjourney and the process for upscaling the photos for use and sale on Adobe Stock Photos.

4 thoughts on “Midjourney – AI Generated Art”

  1. Definitely time for the Butlerian Jihad. We need to curb the creative impulses of the brilliant , sociopathic, 12-year-old boys that now dominate tech. Genius untethered by conscience is a very bad thing.

  2. Could these be more disappointing? I really don’t see how. None of them know what a Chinese dragon is! Every one of them gives me a western dragon. I specify a color, and they get the color wrong. I specify a head shape, and they get that wrong, too. There’s a reason that the expression is “You get what you pay for.” I paid nothing and got nothing that I can use.

  3. I worked as 3d artist for some time. I am surprised at the quality of the images. In lot of cases you cant tell if they were produced by human or software. I guess we will be seeing more and more computer generated stuff, from images, articles,… and we wont be knowing if they were created by humans or software.

    It would be fair, that there will be laws concerning that. So if image, text was generated by software that would need to be written under it.

    If image generation got so good, we will be seeing generated 3d models. If you have 3d model you can make simulation, movie, game. Some form of future AI will be making movies. For now it just generates an image.

    Some people use their own photos in midjourney and manipulate environments. So they generate an image of them being Hawaii,… The images look convincing, although it is fake.

  4. I tried it and I think it is way more beautiful than Dall E 2 or Stable Diffusion. The images look realistic and not odd.

    As I know the stock photo market is already saturated and people work for pennies, not worth it. I think that people needing articles for their sites often wont hire someone who used Chat GPT or some later more advanced version of it. If they can use the same chatbot, why hassle with middleman? Companies selling stock photos will generate the images themselves not hassle with accounting and giving percentage to artists.

    There are so many websites so it is hard to find good content. Machine learning will generate articles with such speed and set up websites in an instant so the whole web will be flooded with content. Too much.

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