$42.45 Billion Allocated to States for Broadband Internet Access Improvement

The White House distributed $42 billion of internet access funding. This funding is the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program which is part of the 2021 $1 trillion infrastructure act. The spending will be based on a newly released Federal Communications Commission coverage map that details gaps in access.

This is the initial proposals for the 5 year implementation plan.

Each state will have its own sub-program for broadband internet access. Here is the timeline for the California program of universal broadband internet access.

3 thoughts on “$42.45 Billion Allocated to States for Broadband Internet Access Improvement”

  1. Oh, rural broadband part deux? Like the last one, where the carriers basically stole all the money to pay for 2G/3G national rollouts, but this time for 5G?

  2. People living in rural areas, unless they are involved in agriculture, mining or forest management, is an ecological and economic disaster. Providing subsidized roads, utilities, and services, just perpetuates this destructive habit, leading to more forest fires, ecocide, and lower productivity overall.

  3. Installing rural hardwired broadband that takes 30+ years for economic recovery today is plain dumb.

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