Video of Fully Levitating LK99 – Claims That This Was Faked

First video of LK-99 Full Levitation with flux pinning. The video was posted to the Chinese video-sharing site BiliBili and claims to be a highly pure synthesized sample of LK-99.

UPDATE- Report that this was faked

Here is the Bilibili version of the video.

Another copy of the video is from

3 thoughts on “Video of Fully Levitating LK99 – Claims That This Was Faked”

  1. Yes, that definitely looks like flux pinning, which is a pretty definitive test for type 2 superconduction.

    • It could still just be an extremely good diamagnetic material (better than any previously discovered non-superconductor). You can levitate pyrolytic carbon above a regular neodymium magnet and it looks very similar to this except for the fact that the restoring force is much weaker; so if you push it out of position it spins and wobbles for quite a bit while coming back to its resting position. Not sure you could tell much of a difference between an Xv of 0.1 and 1.0.

  2. Authenticity could not be confirmed.
    Per Elsa zhou the wuhan student denied sending this video, so assume this is a fake for now

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