China’s Baidu AI Ernie 4.0 Is Better Than OpenAI GPT 4

ERNIE is a multimodal model by Baidu. ERNIE stands for ‘Enhanced Representation from kNowledge IntEgration’. The Chinese name is 文心一言, or Wenxin Yiyan. In 2022, Baidu spent US$3.4 billion on research and development.

Alan Thompson believes that ERNIE 4.0 is better than OpenAI GPT 4 by several measures.

650 companies have signed up to use ERNIE Bot (including Sina Finance and Baixin Bank), which can be implemented in a variety of applications such as searches, AI cloud, autonomous driving and in smart devices. –
ERNIE Bot = ERNIE Titan 260B + Plato-XL 11B

Five major abilities:
Literary creation.
Commercial copywriting.
Mathematical logic calculation.
Chinese comprehension.
Multi-modal generation.

Anthropic released Claude 2.1 today.

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4 thoughts on “China’s Baidu AI Ernie 4.0 Is Better Than OpenAI GPT 4”

  1. No benchmarks have yet been released which shows Ernie 4.0 outperforming GPT-4. Perhaps it is better, but performance on established benchmarks or other 3rd party verifiable metrics is all that matters.

  2. Yet here we are, with coups in OpenAI caused by decels wanting to slow things down, and wondering if we should strive forward with this kind of risky maths.

    Jeez, China will run circles around the West if such foolishness persists.

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