3 US Soldiers Killed in Jordan, Massive KC135 Activity

Three US soldiers were killed and dozen injured by a drone attack at Tower 22 base in Jordan.

There have been other attacks on US bases in the region, but before Sunday there were no fatalities, according to the US military. There have been a total of over 160 attack on US bases and Navy ships in past three months.

US officials say at least 34 military personnel were being evaluated for possible traumatic brain injury, and that some of the injured soldiers were medically evacuated from the base for further treatment.

Will it just be a proportional response ? It needs to be enough to make Persian Gulf secure for commercial traffic. Commercial shipping has been forced to take 2-3 week detours around Africa.

5 thoughts on “3 US Soldiers Killed in Jordan, Massive KC135 Activity”

  1. There’s often a ‘surprise attack’ (a sacrifice) that precipitates the greater involvement the warhawks want… at some point the higest office will describe the extent of our collective ‘resolve’… perhaps a new ‘war on [noun]’ will be coined.

  2. That’s the problem of cheap killer drones: more than one can dance that waltz.

    I foresee a strong investment on development of drone deterrent technologies, with various degrees of success.

    AI panopticon mechanisms with lasers come to mind. Which aren’t cheap as drones but could protect some critical assets, like ships and bases.

    • A drone defense system has to be cheap, because the drones themselves are cheap. A counter weapon based on a kitchen microwave (i.e 2.45GHz with 1000W) combined with a satellite dish (i.e 50cm), to emit a focused microwave beam, would make a very cheap and a possibly useful counter weapon. Those are very cheap components. It would fry or overload the circuitry of a drone, cripple its RF remote control capabilities and its GPS receiver. The current generation of consumer drones would get wrecked. Any next-generation drone would have to be build fully shielded, without remote control and positioning abilities and be able to survive being stuck into a microwave.

      Just a thought, but it will always remain a race of weapon versus counter.

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