SpaceX Talks to FAA About At Least Nine Starship Launches in 2024

launch-licensing process.

“They’re looking at a pretty aggressive launch schedule this year,” he said. “They’re looking at, I believe, at least nine launches this year. That’s a lot of launches. If you’re doing modifications and doing them one by one, that’s a lot of work. We’ve been talking to SpaceX constantly around the clock, coming together and trying to figure out how do we do this. We’re invested with the company, and so we’ll work with them to get them back going as soon as they can.”

3 thoughts on “SpaceX Talks to FAA About At Least Nine Starship Launches in 2024”

  1. If they hit nine launches, this will bring me great joy.

    If they hit 4 launches, It will still bring me great joy.

    Elon is very ambitious and pushes SpaceX engineers to their limits. This is no secret.

    Fortunately, as Elon has aged, and his comments have been dissected a billion times in public (including in lawsuits), he has been tempering his statements. Instead of saying, “This is what will happen”, he says “This is what I expect to happen” or “These are our goals.”

    Much better.

  2. I guess if they manage this time to get stage 2 to orbit and stage 1 to land on the sea as they have been planning, it may yet work out. Even then it’s slightly less than one launch every month for the next ten months if they plan to hit that target.

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