May 28, 2010

Carnival of Space 155 - Backseat Driving Haiku Format

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The Carnival of Space 155 is up at backseat driving and it is in Haiku format

This site provided two articles
Details on a SSTO magnetohydrodynamic and inertial electrostatic space plane. This design was covered at STAIF 2005 but there is continuing research into both MHD (at NASA and other places) and the IEC reactor (EMC2 fusion and Washington State and other places.) There has been $7 million funded into nuclear fusion for space propulsion. The IEC, MHD and combined space plane would each need a several billion dollars to fully develop.

2. Paul March's Mach effect Propulsion experiment this summer could achieve over 50 milliwatts of propulsion.

Weird Sciences considers extremophiles and whether there could be at least microbial life on every planet.

Lately we have found multicellular creature lurking under harshest condition on planet Earth. Is life only the thing which is to be so complex and does complexity mean life?

20 amino acids must be randomly assembled 10^66, or a million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion, times before getting insulin. This is obviously a great many combinations, so many in fact that we could randomly assemble the 20 amino acids trillions of times per second for the entire history of the Universe and still not achieve the correct ordering of this protein. Larger proteins and nucleic acids would be even less probable if chemical evolution operates at random. This is the type of reasoning used by some researchers—especially biochemists—to argue that we must be alone, or nearly so, in the Universe

Several reasons suggest that the change from simplicity to complexity may not proceed randomly. The first reason is this: Of the billions upon billions of basic organic groupings that could possibly occur on Earth from the random combinations of all sorts of simple atoms and molecules, only ~1500 actually do occur. Furthermore, these 1500 organic groups of terrestrial biology are made from only ~50 simple organic molecules, including the known amino acids and nucleotide bases. This implies that molecules critical to life aren’t assembled randomly by chance. Apparently, the electromagnetic forces at work at the microscopic level remove some of the randomness by guiding the molecules into certain, specific linkages.

Weird Sciences also looks at the potential of genetic engineering.

Check out the Carnival of Space 155 at backseat driving for more

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