resveratrol and Sirtuin activators

Resveratrol helps protect against the diseases of obesity and at higher doses helps to double endurance in mice

Dr. Sinclair dosed his mice daily with 22 milligrams of resveratrol for each kilogram of weight to protect them from the diseases of obesity. For an 80 kilogram man that would be 1.7 grams per day. Currently 40mg capsules are made by Longevinex and other companies.

Dr. Auwerx used up to 400 milligrams per kg of weight protected the mice from gaining weight and from developing metabolic syndrome, doubled their endurance, gave them muscle fibers like an athletic mouse and increased lifespan by 30%. An 80 kg man would need 32 grams per day (3.2 CCs in pure form). A 50kg woman would need 20 grams per day.

It is believed that resveratrol activates the Sirtuin genes.

Wikipedia has information on the seven genes in the Sirtuin family

RNA activiation could be a more direct route to activating the Sirtuin genes RNA activation is a newly discovered technique that still needs to be better understood and perfected.

If one had a model of a candidate persons genome (In 10 years perhaps $1000 to sequence one persons genome) and knew more about what different genes did and then ran simulations to determine the optimal expression and suppression of those genes…I believe the result would be unlocking vastly superior athletic, intellectual performance, immune systems and longevity. If the early stage result is something approaching what we have done in mice then a fully optimized expression could be several times better.

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