NTT Docomo will launch 100mbps mobile service in 2010

The Super 3G (third generation) service will only require upgrades to the existing network, keeping down necessary investment to between 100 billion and 200 billion yen (840 million to 1.68 billion dollars), the Nikkei newspaper reported.

With a speed of roughly 100 megabits per second, Super 3G will be some 260 times faster as the existing 3G service of DoCoMo, which tops out at 384 kilobits per second, the business daily said without citing sources.

If the costs are similar for the USA and other locations then high speed mobile could become the dominant form of broadband communication unless the cable and fixed line services upgrade to faster than 100 mbps or a lot cheaper. Why would I keep using fixed line if mobile is as fast or faster and as cheap or cheaper?