California population projected at 60 million in 2050

I had an article about USA and California’s population projected in Q1 of 2007.

There is a new San francisco Chronicle article about California expected population.

In the new report, state demographers used the latest county population estimates as a baseline to make assumptions about future migration patterns. The formulas they used accounted for undocumented immigrants, Martindale said.

Future predictions also have to take the economy into account, he said. It’s unclear how many Hispanics will move out of California by 2042, especially if the state remains one of the country’s most expensive places to live.

By midcentury, it’s estimated that Hispanics will comprise 52 percent of California’s 59.5 million residents.

The projections are from the California Department of Finance, which tends to have higher projections than some other sources. I mostly agree with these projections

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