Another look at Military Nanotechnology

I had written in 2006 about the Military Nanotechnology book by Altmann

The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology has reviewed the book.

Some consideration should be given to

1. What are the non-nanotech ways that production could greatly increase ?

Breakthroughs that allow expanded reel to reel production. ECD Ovonics quantum control devices made from polymers able to produced without or with limited performance degradation relative to silicon. Allowing for MEMS and computers to be produced far more quickly. MEMS can be used to create UAVs.

Breakthroughs with arrays of MEMS/NEMS to speed up 3D printing from the nanoscale up.

Mere force multiplier effects or the enabling of a more antiseptic war does not really alter the geopolitical situation. Especially if the US and China are near the lead in new production increases.

Also, there is no motivation for global governance if it is primarily the existing major powers that get more production and maintain a lead and dominance over others.

I think the existing national powers and the existing political structure could adapt to the most common and likely scenarios without ceding sovereignty.

2. How important is production relative to strategy and tactics or radically new systems capabilities ?

More clever usage of relatively mundane conventional weapons and non-weapons technology could be used to far greater effect. Air superiority and ruthlessness (similar to the Romans over Carthage or using the WW2 russian tactics of scorched earth but on enemy terrain) could be used to genocide a country in weeks.

Merely the production of a lot more robotic weapons does not overcome nuclear deterrent.

Look there is a swarm of UAV’s crossing the Ocean… launch … launch.

How is that different from look there are ICBMs launching and crossing the Ocean..launch…launch?