Transhuman comic book series

There is a new comic book series entitled Transhuman

Note: a comment on the pictured excerpt talking about average life expectancy. Some countries such as Japan already have life expectancy over 82 years.

People who do not smoke, exercise, eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and moderate alcohol consumption live 14 years longer

In the not so distant future, pharmaceutical companies fight over the next advancement in their field. Heinrich Dowidet is our narrator in this documentary of how Chimera Corp and Humonics, Incoporated took iPharm’s folly with a R&D project and fought to rule the world. What is this advancement? Quite simply, the means to create post humans. Transhuman is a scathing indictment of the pharmaceutical industry and the leeches of ailing people that it produces.

The author Jonathan Hickman has his own website.

There is a seven page pdf preview sample.

I believe that safer and more effective forms of genetic engineering and drugs for modifying humans will be made. We already have useful but not always safe modification means currently. Lasik for eyesight, drugs (provigil and others) for cognitive enhancement, steroids for strength etc… for current capabilities.

I think that follistatin boosting myostatin inhibition will be made safe for strength enhancement with health benefits. There will also be more widely available and affordable powered devices with highly efficient power usage for always on ability and power generation from walking break assistance.

I also believe that life extension projects such as SENS will be effective. Initial success could come from mimicking calorie restriction, stem cell treatments, organ replacement and significant progress against specific diseases. The labels below provide a list of my articles on each topic.

Just better equipment and training techniques will also help significantly. New swimsuits may be an unfair advantage.

Three world records had already been broken by LZR-clad swimmers back in February, 2008. Eight more records fell in the past month, the suit is causing some serious waves.

Other gear for enhancing capabilities:

The Poseidon Discovery, is a simple to use rebreather, lets divers stay underwater at least three times as long as scuba gear can, and since you don’t exhale into the water, you don’t create bubbles or noise that can scare off fish.

Bill Stone’s recreational model automates the safety system with built-in computers that check all components pre-dive, plus two oxygen sensors that monitor the gas mix. If the system spots an air-recycling malfunction, the mouthpiece vibrates and blinks an alert. Just flip its lever to inhale from a small fresh-air tank and return safely to the surface.

High tech gear for soldiers appear to be finding a funded niche.

Soldiers that actually used the system in Iraq stripped the Land Warrior [high tech gear] down, made the gear more functional, and discovered the equipment could actually be pretty useful in combat.

By consolidating parts, a 16-pound ensemble was whittled down to a little more than 10 [pounds]. A the digital gun scope was abandoned — too cumbersome and too slow for urban fights. And not every soldier was ordered to lug around Land Warrior. Only team leaders and above were equipped.

The leaders of the 2nd Infantry Division’s 5th Brigade Combat Team officially asked the Army to give them 1,000 units of an upgraded Land Warrior system. And now, Inside Defense reports, that request has been approved

Using technology in a way that provides an actual practical advantage. Those who find it useful adopt it and those who do not find it useful use something else.

This is discussed by Phil Bowermaster in his article on plateaus of rejection. There is open market buffet of options, you only have to buy and use what works for you.

Proper framing of the transhumanist debate.

Recently there is lab work for human power generated from regenerative braking from walking. Generates 5 watts while someone is walking A square meter of flexible solar cells could generate 19-56 watts depending upon location and sunlight conditions. US army has solar tent material for generating up to 1000 watts.

There is plenty of other energy that could be captured to power devices.

Broken into usable terms, waiting to be harvested are 81 watts from a sleeping person, 128 from a soldier standing at ease, 163 from a walking person, 407 from a briskly walking person, 1,048 from a long-distance runner, and 1,630 from a sprinter, according to the center. But of course there’s not 100% capture. Body heat, for example, can only be converted with 3% efficiency with current thermoelectric materials.

Next generation bionic arms

Roadmap to enabling regeneration in humans

Artificial intelligence widespread but most people are unaware of it

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