Electric and hybrid motorcycles and scooters available now and soon

Vectrix electric scooter.

The Vectrix electric scooter is available now and has a maximum speed of 62.5 mph and has a range of 35-55 miles. The Vectrix costs $9,999.00 for a 2007 model and $11,990.00 for a 2008 model. It was launched in the US market in July 2007.

More acceleration and faster speeds reduce the range of the Vectrix (as in all vehicles but more important for a shorter range vehicle.) It is possible for many people to commute one way for 20-40 miles and then recharge for the return trip.

Other electric motorcycles and scooters

A Brammo Enertia electric motorbike is available in Q2 and Q3 of 2008. The Enertia is a zero-emission, battery-powered, plug-in electric motorcycle with a base pricetag of $11,995 (Q3 2008). A limited-edition version, priced at $14,995, should be available in the second quarter 2008. The Brammo has a 45+ mile range and 50+ mph speed. The Enertia will be the first mass-produced, road-legal motorcycle running on electricity.

CNN had a survey of electric motorcycles

Zero motorscycles has an electric offroad motorcycle for $7495-8350 It has a 40 mile range. The Zero X accelerates from 0-30 in under 2 seconds. The Zero’s electric motor delivers over 20 horsepower and similar performance to a 250cc gas powered off-road motorcycle. With an electric motor you get 100% torque at all times for instantaneous throttle response and incredible off-the-line performance.

Zero motorcycles is introducing the street legal Zero S on-road electric motorcycle. A scooter called the Zero Way is also in the works, with an expected 2009 ship date. Zero’s patent-pending lithium ion batteries are three times as powerful and 31% lighter than those in the Enertia, while offering the same running time.

Venture One is planning all electric and 3-wheel, tilting, plug-in Hybrid vehicles. This unique 2-passenger flex-fuel Hybrid vehicle is projected to achieve 100 miles per gallon, accelerate from 0-60 in about 7 seconds, and with a top speed of over 100 mph. They should have 2009 availability and cost about $23000.

Vespa’s MP3 hybrid motorscooter should be released in the second half of 2008 and get 173 mpg.

Electric bicycles and scooters are huge in China and making a difference for the environment

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