Soon ten or more Large forging makers for nuclear reactors

UK’s Sheffield Forgemasters is considering the addition of a 15,000 tonne press, which would allow it to accept 500 tonne ingots.

The machine, 50% more powerful than its largest existing press, would allow it to make reactor pressure vessels for reactors up to and including Areva’s 1650 MWe EPR, the largest PWR currently on the market.

Japan Steel Works is seen as the leader in large forgings, but it is far from the only company to offer them. Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries and Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries can also produce the items. Mitsubishi are doubling their capacity.

The OMZ Izhora facility will make all the large forgings for Russia’s nuclear build plans. It too is doubling capacity. France’s Areva is installing larger forging capacity at Le Creusot.

Chinese firms Harbin Boiler Works, Dongfang Boiler Group and Shanghai Electric Group are preparing to enter the very large forgings market, while Larsen & Toubro in India are hoping to be allowed to export their forgings.

So soon there could be over ten companies able to make large forgings for nuclear reactors.

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