Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing- Eliezer Yudkowsky and Scott Aaronson

Eliezer Yudkowsky, Singularity Institute, Overcoming Bias, Less Wrong and Scott Aaronson, MIT talk for over an hour on Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing at

The disagreement they have is over timescale. One to ten decades versus a few thousand years. However, Scott Aaronson indicates that nothing in Eliezer Yudowsky position is counter to what Scott knows about physics and should be possible according to physics.

Percontations: Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Mechanics

When will we build the first superintelligence? (09:47)
Why quantum computing isn’t a recipe for robot apocalypse (07:46)
How to guilt-trip a machine (03:13)
The evolutionary psychology of artificial intelligence (08:07)
Eliezer contends many-worlds is obviously correct (08:43)
Scott contends many-worlds is ridiculous (but might still be true) (20:39)

There is work with Dwave System adiabatic quantum computer and google to improve/speed up machine learning and categorization which improves an aspect of artificial intelligence. Note: Scott Aaronson has been an outspoken critic of Dwave Systems adiabatic quantum computers.

How far away is the Singularity according to Scott Aaronson.