Fuel Efficient and Fast Trimaran’s for Navy, Cars and People

Shipbuilder Austal launched the world’s largest aluminum vessel, the 127 meter Benchijigua Express in 2005 and makes trimarans and navy littoral ships.

The US Navy wants 55 of these littoral vessels and Austal has an order for two catamaran troop carriers. If the US Navy does buy/build all of littoral and troop carriers by 2014, Austral will have built 20% of the US Navy’s fleet.

Trimaran power consumption is 20% less when operating in a seaway compared to a catamaran in that area. And reduced by as much as 50% when compared with a monohull operating in waves. All those power reductions equate directly to fuel consumption reductions.

The Austral Trimarans have a speed of 39-40 knots.

the trimaran hullform which effectively decouples vessel length from capacity and permits the marriage of a cost effective, revenue-earning platform with a longer hull form that offers superior seakeeping in a range of conditions.