Second Day of the Space Elevator Beaming Contest

No new successful runs in day 2. Day 2 has been completed. We have lasermotive as the only team with successful prize level 1 runs in the 2 meter/second to 5 meter/second range. They had day one speed of 3.73 meters/second.

Thu, Nov 05 2009
6:43:48 AM PST:
Good morning. First up today: USST. That will complete Round 1. Live at
6:45:06 AM PST:
Round 2 starts immediately after Round 1. Teams will run in this order: First LaserMotive, then KCSP then USST. Live at
USST (University of Saskatchewan Space Team) ran unsuccesfully for their first two attempts. Round 1 closed.

9:58:32 PST:
Getting ready for Round 2. First up is LaserMotive. Let’s hope for a 5 m/s run! Live at
10:08:54 PST:
Let’s hope for a 5 m/s run from LaserMotive!
Live at

Lasermotive twitter feed

11:15 PM PST
3 runs completed. [Lasermotive] Did not go fast enough for 5 m/s [during their second round runs]

View from Lasermotive Trailer after their second round runs. Helicopter is landing and cable is being brought down

Next up University of Saskatchewan (USST) and then Kansas Pirates for round 2.

21:46:37 PST:
USST has passed on their turn. KCSP has until 2:00pm to start their run.

USST’s climber had overheating problems.

2:20:52 PM PST:
Hey #SEGames Looks like KCSP is ready to go! (Space Elevator Games live ›
2:21:39 PM PST:
Looks like KCSP is ready to go for another try…

Space Elevator Games Live coverage console is linked to here

Yesterday Lasermotive qualified for the $900,000 prize for going faster than 2 meters per second (but not past 5 meters per second for even more money) over the 1000 meter cable

The official speed was 3.72 meters per second for Lasermotives best run on Nov 4, 2009.

Official results for day one

Lasermotive: Unofficial empty weight is 4.8 kg. The unofficial payload is 0.58 kg. So the score, unofficial, is (speed times payload ratio) 3.7 * 0.58 / 4.8 = 0.45. If other teams make it into the $900k bracket, the scores will be used to determine the order of the winnings.

Kansas City Space Pirates also climbed, but a lot slower, getting to 850 m at 8:00, where we had to stop them due to a satellite lasing window closing. They were still moving when we shut them down, and their average speed was approximately 1.875 m/s.

Today’s Schedule is promising to be very exciting:

USST will go first, since they didn’t get a climb window yesterday.
LM will go next, and will sure be trying to get into the 5 m/s bracket, for the larger prize purse.
USST will then get their second climb window, and lastly
KCSP will get their second climb window and try to improve their performance.