Jacob Innovations Designs First Class Comfort for Economy and Business Class

You can lie down in economy seating by using the vertical space where the carry on baggage is Note: this would be useful for future spacecraft as well to achieve relative comfort in relatively tight spaces.

The FLEX-SEAT model provides affordable reclining accommodations for long flights with additional benefits. Some features are superior to conventional Business Class such as: privacy, travel with infants, room for large carry-on luggage. The FLEX-SEAT can increase the density of a conventional Business Class by up to 50% while providing full reclining.

Travel with Infants: no additional ticket seat required for infants. Infant can be placed horizontally beside passenger. This is a vast improvement from having to hold the infant in Economy or in Business class.

Convenient Travel for Overweight Passengers: Complaints from larger passengers, including lawsuits have received media attention in the last years. The FLEX-SEAT allows for grater width. In addition the problem of discomfort to passengers seating beside an a large person is eliminated.

Savings: exponential benefits through the reduction of food service costs.
With the introduction of the FLEX-SEAT there will be less need for food services on overnight flights. Most passengers when departing late in the evening will choose to sleep rather than have a full dinner. Fewer flight attendants needed > fewer seats reserved for crew which will result in more tickets sold

Economy Seating With Even Rows Raised

Every other seat is raised by the height of one step providing the benefit of the space below

– Leg room for the passenger sitting on the lower level available below the elevated seat
– Reclining space for the elevated seat passenger is available over the feet area of reclined lower passenger
Both upper and lower level passenger benefit from identical reclining position
* Seat pan folds vertically to allow easy access
* Shell protects passengers from encroachment
* Model can provide the same passenger density as Economy Class while delivering superior comfort