Carnival of Space 138

The Carnival of Space 138 is up at Nancy Atkinson’s blog. Nancy is the Senior Editor for Universe Today, producer for Astronomy Cast, and project manager for 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. Also, she is a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.

I supplied my article which reviewed the Quicklaunch, sea based hydrogen launch gun system. I note that Quicklaunch provides evidence that my nuclear cannon version of Project Orion has projectile configurations that would work.

Centauri Dreams talks about nuclear fusion powered spacecraft and the new Icarus interstellar spacecraft design project

Spacewriter ramblings discusses alien worlds in science fiction movies

Universe Today had an article on the NASA Puffin electric aircraft

We are all in the Gutter blog looks at weird objects that have been spotted by the Kepler Space Telescope.

Check out the Carnival of Space 138 at Nancy Atkinson’s blog for more.