Expect A Lot of Innovation at CES 2010

EWeek reports that Intel will launch a 32nm chip

Intel is prepping for the official release of its 32-nm “Westmere” Core processors for desktops and laptops Jan. 7 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Intel is readying the release of almost 20 32-nanometer Westmere processors for both desktops and laptops. Intel reportedly will launch seven Clarksdale chips, ranging in price from $87 to $284 per 1,000 units, and with speeds of between 2.80GHz and 3.46GHz. The 11 Arrandale CPUs, with pricing up to $332 per 1,000 units, will run at speeds of 2.13GHz and 2.66GHz

ZDnet lists 6 trends to expect at CES 2010

1. Improved netbooks and netbook variants
* Intel Atom N450 processor netbooks
* laptops/netbooks with ultra-low-voltage
* smartbook (hybrid smartphone/netbooks)

2. 3D Home theater

82-inch 3D HDTV soon could be less than $2,999.

3. Brighter, crisper, more flexible displays via OLED technology
* organic light-emitting diode and AMOLED (active-matrix OLED)
* three-inch screen on smartphones
* flexible and/or transparent OLED display prototypes but not products

4. Car tech gets smarter

5. Agressive Smartphones and impressive tablets

6. Eco-friendly everything

Business insider had the above and some other things to expect at CES 2010

* Paid content
* real time web

CNN tech had the above and

* E-books and e-readers
* Apps and accesories