China Will Spend $25 billion to Boost Semiconductor Industry and Four AP1000 Are Under Construction

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1. The Chinese government is preparing to spend $25 billion on wafer fabs to boost domestic chip manufacturing over the next five years. China’s chip industry had stumbled during the recession. So this is an effort to revive growth.

In 2009 Mainland China produced 40 billion ICs, which accounted for 25.1 percent of domestic demand. In comparison, Mainland China produced only 20.9 percent of its requirements in 2003, according to the analysis company. The Information Network now expects domestic production to account for 27.1 percent of domestic demand in 2010 and climb to 29.0 percent, 30.8 percent and 33.4 in the succeeding years as spending is ramped dramatically in China.

2. Four AP1000 reactors are officially under construction in China after the pouring of first concrete for Haiyang 2.

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