HTC Vision Smartphone Will Use Tmobile HSPA+ in September 2010 and Other Future Smartphones like the HTC Emerald

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Light Reading reports that T-Mobile USA plans to launch the first smartphone for its newly upgraded evolved High-Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) network in September. The HSPA+ network should have download speed of 6-10 Mbps under real world conditions. Those speeds are comparable to initial Long Term Evolution (4G) speeds.

The device will be manufactured by High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) and will run on Google’s Android operating system, according to a spokesman at Deutsche Telekom AG , T-Mobile’s parent. Further details about the device are not available at this time.

However, it is believed to be the HTC Vision smartphone which will have a 1 GHZ processor, 3.7 inch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard.

The HTC Vision and the HTC Vanguard are probably the same phone. There is also an T-Mobile smartphone roadmap with an HTC Emerald phone expected November 9, 2010.
* HTC Shubert might launch around November 17th
* Samsung Vibrant July 21
* Rim will launch Curve 9300 in september
* Rumors suggest the HTC Emerald will be HTC’s first Android 3.0 phones.
* Around November 3rd, Motorola will launch two Android handsets: Motorola Jordan and the Motorola Begonia

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