The Lifeboat Foundation: Battling Asteroids, Nanobots and A.I.

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The Lifeboat foundation was featured in the New York Times. The Lifeboat Foundation: Battling Asteroids, Nanobots and A.I.

I am the Director of Research for the Lifeboat Foundation and this is a website that is affiliated with the Foundation.

“After 9 / 11, it became apparent to me that less and less people can cause more and more damage,” said Eric Klien, the chairman of the Lifeboat Foundation. “Something like nanotech in the hands of a bad person could cause enormous damage.

“I also realized that there is no sign of intelligent life out there in the universe. You wonder what happened to all those intelligent civilizations, and one of my potential theories is they all self-destruct. I think it is a data point that is hard to skip over.”

Plenty of people agree with Mr. Klien or at least consider efforts to tame technology and confront catastrophes worth exploring.

Sonia Arrison, an author, sits on the Futurists Board and characterized the group as “basically a Web site that raises money for various things.”

To that point, the boards meet through e-mail messages and electronic newsletters rather than in person.

About 60,000 people a month visit the Lifeboat Foundation Web site. So far, the organization has received pledges totaling $450,000.

Most of the money goes toward financing research projects at universities and other institutes.

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