Three to Five Terrorists Probably from Chechnya and Dagestan attacked a Russian Hydroelectric Dam and Killed Two People

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OAO RusHydro, Russia’s largest hydropower company, will halt its Baksanskaya plant in the North Caucasus for at least six weeks after an attack on the facility left two people dead

A group of three to five people broke into the station, killed two guards and assaulted two workers before planting explosives on the premises, the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor General’s Office said today on its website. Four devices detonated and a fifth was defused, investigators said

The 74-year-old, 25-megawatt station will be shut for “at least six weeks to two months. Two turbines out of three were damaged by the blast, said Oleg Grekov, a spokesman for the Emergency Ministry in Rostov- on-Don. A fire at the plant has been extinguished, he said.

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