NASA WISE space telescope has Found 20 Brown Dwarf Stars and 25,000 New Asteroids

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WISE has observed more than 100,000 asteroids, both known and 25,000 previously unseen. Most of these space rocks are in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter. However, some are near-Earth objects, asteroids and comets with orbits that pass relatively close to Earth. WISE has discovered more than 90 of these new near-Earth objects. The infrared telescope is also good at spotting comets that orbit far from Earth and has discovered more than a dozen of these so far.

The first release of WISE data, covering about 80 percent of the sky, will be delivered to the astronomical community in May of next year

WISE has spied hundreds of potential brown dwarfs – stellar objects that are bigger than a planet but much smaller than a star – and confirmed the existence of 20 of them, including some of the coldest ever known.

The planetary orbits are labeled on the left and on the right is the 50% of the sky that has been surveyed and data processed by the WISE space telescope mission.

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