Carnival of Nuclear Energy 16

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The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 16 is up at Idaho Samizdat

The Nuclear energy Institute looked at a study comparing the job impact of different energy technologies.

This site provided the following :
1. Pebble Bed advanced high temperature reactor update. 70% of the cost of LWR. Per Peterson trying to get it commercialized by 2020 and can achieve over 50% burn and set the stage for LFTR, IFR or fission/fusion hybrids.

India, China and other nuclear energy updates

Russia’s fast neutron reactor plans. They are trying to build new ones for $1600/kw.

Nnadir at Nuclear Green looks at nuclear cogeneration for heating a city. Nuclear cogeneration has been a bit more rare because of the need to develop a large cogeneration opportunity. A small natural gas plant can find a building or factory to provide heat, while a big coal or nuclear plant must find an appropriate and economical scaled opportunity. Heating a city is one situation but providing heat for biofuel and desalination are rapidly growing and large scale needs that nuclear cogeneration will match up with very well.

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