China Plans to Build and Export Japanese and French Nuclear Reactor Designs at Two Thirds the Cost With Volume Production

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China wants to build 153 new plants using existing technology and believes it can cut the costs of French and Japanese-based reactor designs by one third by rolling out the parts in bulk.

The Chinese-made CPR-1000 (based on the french EPR) reactor was “proven, reliable, and cost-effective”. There will soon be operating base of 50 CPR1000s allowing customers to share spare parts, engineering, construction and operating experience.

Despite potential concerns about its safety standards matching Western regulations, Peter Atherton, an analyst at Citigroup, believes its reactors could reach Europe. “The Chinese have a number of reactors designed by themselves. China arriving and saying ‘please approve our technology’ in one or two years is perfectly feasible,” he says.

Among the countries thinking of building their first plants are Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Kazakhstan and the Philippines. However, China’s priority is likely to be its own energy-hungry domestic market, where it aims to build enough nuclear power to provide 8pc of its population’s electricity.

Atomic Insights notes that the next round of AP1000 reactors will be CAP1000’s. China will build the reactors without Westinghouse but have Shaw in a supporting role.

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