Chinese regions targeting doubling GDP per capita by 2015

Even though China’s central economic indicators have yet to be finalized, quite a few provinces have already set ambitious targets for the 12th Five Year Program (2011-2015).

Under the local development plans that have been published so far, there are already four provinces or municipalities that have set targets to double GDP or even GDP per capita over the coming five years.

Chongqing aims to double GDP per capita to $ 8,000 by 2015.
Chongqing GDP per capita doubled to $ 8,000.

* South China’s Guangxi is aiming to double its GDP and fiscal revenue by 2015.

* Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province has similar targets and also aims to make the 2011-2015 its fastest-developing era since China adopted the opening-up policy in 1978.

* Southwest China’s Guizhou province is aiming for a GDP of 800 billion yuan of over the next five years, and will endeavor to raise the figure to 1 trillion yuan.

* Inner Mongolia and Tianjin municipality have committed themselves to doubling GDP during 2011-2015, though their robust economic growth, about 15 percent to 20 percent in recent years, suggests the doubling-of-GDP task may be conservative.

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