iPad 2 and iPad 2.5 or iPad 3.0

iPad 2 and iPad 2.5 rumors

* the rear camera is likely 5 to 8 megapixels and the front camera somewhere between 1.3 and 2

* iPad 2 is in production and on track for a spring debut. It will still have a 9.7-inch screen and some basic upgrades like a dual-core CPU, more memory, a better graphics processor

* Slimmer with a flat back

* include a wide-range speaker “covered with metal mesh” in the iPad 2

* smudge-proof 1024 x 768 screen

* No home button

* Near-field communications

* SD Slot

* Dual GSM/CDMA chip

iPad 2.5 / iPad 3 coming in September?

A recent crop of rumors point toward a third iPad unveiling this September. John Gruber started the iPad 3 fire on his blog Daring Fireball. It won’t be a full update to the iPad, he claims, but merely a new high-end option of sorts for those willing to shell out the big bucks. He labeled the device as an iPad 2.5, iPad Pro, or iPad HD. It may support the higher resolution Retina screen we all thought would come in the iPad 2. TechCrunch reported from a “very good source” that Apple is preparing for a “big fall surprise” that will likely be an iPad 3.

Though Steve Jobs has publicly ridiculed 7-inch tablets as “too small,” maybe the new version of the iPad will have a 7-inch screen. A rumor back in August lends credibility to this crazy notion.

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