Killzone 3 and Sony Playstation Move is a killer combo

Gizmag – Move turns Killzone 3 from a fantastic first-person shooter to the most immersive, visceral experience you’ll find on a console today.

Guardian UK – Killzone 3 added some well thought-out tweaks to the control system, such as twisting to reload and a melee attack which is launched with a stabbing motion.

Online, Killzone 3 isn’t going to cause mass outbreaks of tumbleweed on CoD and Battlefield servers but, once again, it improves on Killzones 1 and 2. The objective-based Warzone mode is back, with a number of improvements, such as five classes which give you special abilities at a much earlier stage, and quicker access to heavy weapons, vehicles and, especially, jet-packs. It also adds a Team Deathmatch mode, which should prove popular.

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