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DNAUpdate on genome sequencing costs

For many years, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) has tracked the costs associated with DNA sequencing performed at the sequencing centers funded by the Institute. This information has served as an important benchmark for assessing improvements in DNA …

DNADigital to Biological converter for on demand bio

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Nature Biotechnology – Digital-to-biological converter for on-demand production of biologics Nextbigfuture covered this a few days ago in a biological teleporter article. Synthetic Genomics has developed a digital-to-biological converter for fully automated, versatile and demand-based production of functional biologics starting …

algorithmsMultiple modular fuselage airplanes

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Switzerland’s Federal Polytechnic Institute have an aircraft design which is inspired by shipping containers and Thunderbird 2 but with multiple fuselages. The Clip-Air team though—they’re preparing to build a smaller 10-meter drone prototype soon. Clip-Air capsules would also be able …