A new fire at Fukushima Number 4 reactor

Tokyo Electric Power Co. spokesman Hajimi Motujuku says the blaze erupted early Wednesday in the outer housing of the reactor’s containment vessel. Fire fighters are trying to put out the flames. Japan’s nuclear safety agency also confirmed the fire, whose cause was not immediately known.

Deputy Cabinet Secretary for Public Relations, Director of Global Communications at Prime Minister’s Office of Japan twitter feed

At 5:45 am a fire broke out at No. 4 reactor of Fukushima No. 1 power plant–TEPCO

Platts – The No. 4 reactor was not operating when the earthquake struck on Friday, but the reactor held spent fuel rods in a storage pool next to the containment vessel and the plant’s cooling systems were damaged. The temperature in the pool was recorded at 84 degrees Celsius on Monday morning, more than double the normal level, NHK reported.

The fire was reported on the fourth floor in the northeast section of the reactor building at 5:45 a.m. (2045 GMT Tuesday), NHK said.

Tepco is working to find ways to cool down the No. 4 reactor, which also suffered a explosion and fire in the same area on Tuesday morning. Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Tuesday’s fire at the No. 4 reactor made two holes in the reactor’s wall.

The government on Tuesday ordered Tepco to do its utmost to prevent an explosion or critical chain reaction in the reactor.

Tepco was considering using a helicopter to pour water into the No. 4 reactor to cool the fuel rods, according NHK. But the company ruled out that option Wednesday morning, as the hole in the reactor is dozens of meters from the pool.

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