Oak Ridge National Lab will have 20 petaflop supercomputer soon and the path to exaflop supercomputers

Oak Ridge presents its path to exascale computing (17 pages, Oct 2010) Their 20 petaflop machine starts getting built this year and will be done in 2012. There is a path to exaflop machines in about 2018.

Goals to Overcome the Barriers to Exascale
* Power consumption goal: Factor of 5 better than industry Business as Usual (BAU)
* Memory and storage bandwidth goal: Factor of 4 above industry BAU
* Reliability and resiliency goal: Factor of 10 better than industry BAU
* Scalability of systems software goal: Factor of 100 above industry BAU
* Programming models and environments goal: Factor of 10 productivity over today’s mixed models while increasing parallelism in applications by a factor of 1,000

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