Qualcomm will have single/dual and quad core snapdragon mobile chips at 2.5 Ghz by the end of 2011

A leaked Qualcomm presentation shows single/dual and quad core Snapdragon mobile chips at 2.5 Ghz by the end of 2011. The MSM8270, MSM8930, MSM8960, and APQ8064, all based on the future Krait architecture, are expected to be as much as five times faster than their predecessors in raw CPU power and four times faster in graphics with console quality gaming.

They will support
* 1080p displays
* 3D video
* 7.1-channel Dolby Surround
* Up to 20-megapixel camera should one exist.

Qualcomm also claims they will outperform other dual and quad core chips that exist or are expected (Tegra 3 is a quad core that is expected from Nvidia). They claim more computing performance per watt of power.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones have used current versions of Qualcomm snapdragon chips.

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