Intel Roadmap from June 2011 with 7nm node for 2017 and 10 nm in 2015

Enabling Breakthroughs In Technology, Mike Mayberry, Director of Components Research VP, Technology and Manufacturing Group Intel Corporation (June 2011) 17 pages Mike presented a roadmap to 7 nm node in 2017 and 10 nm in 2015. At Research@Intel Day Intel (2011), Intel’s Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner indicated that the 14 nm node would be in 2013 and the 8 nm node would be in 2015.

* Moore’s Law is not a law of nature, it is an expectation of continued innovation
* Intel expects to continue through focused research, rapid development, investment in production
* Scaling research is increasingly about materials research, solving problems brings opportunities
* New product opportunities will arise from continued advances in integration, connectivity

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