Update on Broad Groups Plans for Taller Prefabricated skyscrapers

China’s Broad group completed national seismic testing of a thirty story building using its ‘Can be built’ approach

Can Be Built are factory mass produced buildings

* factory produced buildings
* several times less building materials than traditional building methods
* energy saving
* longer lasting structures

Broad group has built nine model buildings
* built in one day the six-story “Shanghai World Expo, the great hall,” a
* in one week built the 15-story “New Ark Hotel” (so about 1 day onsite for every 2 stories of building. Two weeks for 30-story, 120 days for 200 stories)

They plan to build one hundred and fifty 30-story apartment building, hotel, office plans using the new system.

The claim is that the 9 degrees of seismic test is like surviving an earthquake that is a 9.0.

Broad Groups Can be Built page

The Broad Group also plans to build a 200 story building using their new methods.

The building itself uses one sixth the materials of a comparable facility with 15 stories and 600 square meters per floor (~5500 square feet). Waste generated by construction was only 1% of the total weight, not including waste generated during prefabrication. Ark Hotel was built to be extremely energy efficient with 15cm thermal insulation, triple pane windows, external solar shading, fresh air heat recovery, and LED lighting. Broad claims that it is roughly five times more energy efficient than similar structures. The air inside the building is supposedly 20 times cleaner than the outside thanks to a triple purification process.

Details of the design of the 200 story skyscraper.

The Changsha Broad Air Conditioning Company has unveiled designs for the 200-storey Sky City tower, a sustainable mixed use project. At 666 meters tall, the building will house 1.2 million square meters (12 million square feet) of space for residential apartments, retail, offices, restaurants, schools and a myriad of other facilities. The building will be manufactured in a factory and assembled on the construction site. Additionally, the tower will have the capacity for 70,000 to 110,000 residents. It will use 400 kilograms (1000 pounds of material per square meter). 480,000 tons of building. Even with reducing the occupancy by half so that units are 1320 square feet instead of 660 square feet the amount of material is 12 tons per person for 40,000 people. The Broad Group building also includes offices and retail shopping. Instead of being 6 times more efficient with material it is more like 8-10 times, since it is replacing 72 tons of house and the extra buildings for offices and shops. It is 20 times more efficient if the higher occupancy levels are used.

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