India targets 63000 megawatts of nuclear power by 2032 and Russia Increase nuclear generation in 2011

1. Times of India – India has chalked out a largely indigenous nuclear power programme and expects to have 20,000 MW nuclear capacity on line by 2020 and 63,000 MW by 2032.

India aims to supply 25 per cent of electricity from nuclear power by 2050. India’s fuel situation, with shortage of fossil fuels, is driving the nuclear investment for electricity for 2050 when 1094 GWe (Giga Watt Electricity) of base-load capacity is expected to be required.

Areva and other foreign manufacturers are in talks with India to build nuclear reactors

2. Russia increased January through August 2011 nuclear power generation by 1% over the same period in 2010 to 111 billion kWh.

3. South Africa may solicit bids worth 1 trillion rand ($125.1 billion) for the construction of six nuclear power plants by 2030.

French and Chinese companies are among those preparing a joint bid, the newspaper said. Potential bidders could include Areva CEPFi.PA, EDF , Toshiba’s Westinghouse Electric Corp , China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group, South Korea’s Korea Electric Power Corp and Russia’s Rosatom.

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