Rossi claims to have sold several more 1 megawatt E-cat plants

1. ECat World – Rossi was asked at the JONP whether he had sold 2 or more plants, and he answered, “more.” Also, asked if he could say who any of the other customers were he declined to do so saying, “I want not our Customers assailed by the puppetts moved by their puppetteers. Let the plant go to work, then they will reveal themselves automatically. Probably you did not understand that there is a war against us.”

When asked how many units he was expecting to build in the first year, Rossi answered, “From 30 to 100 for the first year is what we are already ready to make, but we will get exponentially faster in time”, which means that production facilities must getting lined up to handle these orders. Rossi When asked where in the United States he will be working, and hiring people he listed Miami, FL; Manchester, NH; and Boston, MA. Rossi mentioned again that the industrial strength plants are ready for manufacturing, but there still is work to do to get authorization from government regulators for the small household units to be sold.

2. Forbes has a Rossi e-cat article which hopes Rossi is real but is skeptical.

Rossi has also announced that that’s it; no more testing and the next we’ll see of the E-Cat technology will be hand-built commercially available units that will sell for $2,000 per kilowatt. Rossi also expects mass-produced E-Cat systems to become available for around $100 per kilowatt.

So, as with the other E-Cat tests, we’re really not much better off than we were prior to the 28th. We’ve got reports that sound exciting but there’s still no real evidence. That’s not to say some data doesn’t exist but until a verifiably objective analysis is conducted by an independent third party that confirms the results match the claims there’s no real news, which is utterly disappointing.

I want to see the oil economy disrupted and a clean, environmentally sound, endless, and incredibly cheap energy source transform the world in my lifetime. I want to believe that Rossi has the answer. But the longer it takes to see proof, the harder it becomes to believe in the E-Cat or cold fusion.

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