Nvidia Mobile Head Phil Carmack talks about Augmented Reality

EEtimes interviewed Phil Carmack.

The term “augmented reality” has been overused, but we were by far the first to show it using a Tegra 1 in 2008. Basically its computer vision coupled with other capabilities. You will want your mobile computer to recognize you and your environment and to replicate you and your world–you want it both ways. Both of those capabilities require a lot of innovation in terms of GPUs and content, and we are working on all those things. I do like gesture recognition. I hate getting smudgies all over my smartphone screen. Taking it to the next level will involve cameras and voice and touch to make a better experience.

Enabling Cheap LTE for faster mobile

Icera is shipping 3G and 3.5G data cards supporting up to HSPA+ at 42 Mbits/s and soon they will have data cards for LTE. Cell phone [chips] are not far behind. In 2012, they will be sampling. They use the same process technology and a similar design methodology to us, so it’s a very integrate-able core. We will integrate the modem. Being able to integrate [the modem] is important for mainstream segments. We tend to be in the upper half of smartphones, and we are moving down from there. The upper half next year will be LTE phones and the year after that, three-quarters of them will be LTE.

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