3D Systems announces Cubify a potential game changing 3D printer system

3D Systems announced today that its Cubify.com 3D @home create-and-make online experience will go live in a beta release January 10, 2012.

Cubify.com combines coloring book simplicity with cloud gaming excitement to deliver a vivid 3D create-and-make experience through a fully integrated, fluid interface. With intuitive 3D apps, rich 3D printable content libraries of games, puzzles and collections, Cubify.com turns any mobile device, tablet or Kinect® into a powerful, digital canvas that unleashes creativity and brings ideas to life in 3D. Compelling content creation, capture and customization apps make it simple and fun to personalize creations and Cubify them at home on a Cube™ 3D printer or have them Cubified using our online 3D printing service. Now everyone can unleash their creativity and earn money by marketing their own 3D creations or by developing new apps for Cubify.com.

To get engaged, 3D Systems will be demonstrating a new Kinect-To- Print app powered by Geomagic and a variety of Tablet-To-Print content creation and manipulation apps powered by its 6000+ strong developer community. The company will showcase its new Cube™ 3D consumer printer and make available 3D collection libraries as downloads. 3D Systems calls on all aspiring 3D app developers and designers to become part of its groundbreaking Cubify.com community.

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