Transformer Robot Theme Park in China

China Daily – Mr. Iron Robot Theme Park is set up in a deserted factory, featuring some 600 robot-shaped sculptures assembled by parts salvaged from old vehicles and machine tools.

Carbuzz – China has a robot theme park with 600 Transformers and robot models made out of used car parts.

“Mr. Iron Robot Theme Park” in China is playing host some 600 (600!) Transformers and other miscellaneous robots and carton figure sculptures all built out of recycled car parts. Built by Zhu Kefeng and his league of extraordinary builders, the huge Transformers statues appear like the real things and are menacing pieces of art.

The project began in 2010 and features several 10-foot tall statues and more, though Mr. Kefeng says he had plans to build his incredible collection decades ago.

The 225-hectare park was once an abandoned factory. All the artworks in the park were made of wasted materials from used cars, gears and old machines.The Mr. Iron Robot Theme Park is located in Jiaxing City in east China’s Zhejiang Province.

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