Sky City is not overcrowded according to Broad Groups Design Documents

A one page marketing document for the Sky City skyscraper has occupancy of 17,400 and not 174,000 There were previous reports that the occupancy would be 174,000 for the new 220 floor design. It is now clear that the 838 meter tall design is about half as thick as the old 666 meter design. The base is likely about 100 meters wide and deep instead 141 meters.

The building, with 220 floors (838 meters) and a construction area of 1 million square meters, is equipped with approximately 200,000 tons of steel and 104 elevators.

Sky City will work in close collaboration with architects and engineers of the Burj Khalifa and utilize BSB modular technology, a construction method which features 95% factory prefabrication at a five story per day construction speed.

Reviewing the previous design (666 meters tall, 1.6 million square meters, 200 floors), they had an occupancy level of 70,000 people. The new design is taller and thinner. (838 meters, 1 million square meters, 220 floors).

The old design for the first 120 floors had 6,690 apartments from 50 m2 (545 square feet) to 225 m2 (2368 square feet), for 30,000 inhibitors.

Apartments, Stores, offices, restaurants and hotel

Lower floors had apartments, stores, common areas, entertainment and services.

Top floors had offices, hotels and restaurants.

1) Magnitude 9 earthquake resistance whereas the local Changsha standard design is only Magnitude 6.
Notes: 4 aspects lead to its remarkable earthquake resistance–trapezoidal pyramid solid structure, designed by famous architects, model testing and factory production with strict quality control.

2) Fireproof steel structure with fire resistance up to 3 hours.

3) 10 fire escapes, which are available to evacuate people at the whole floor within 15 minutes.

Environmental Protection
1) Energy saving: Unique technologies from Broad offer five times higher energy-saving than that of conventional buildings. Our BROAD unique technologies include a 15 cm thermal insulation, 4-paned windows, fresh air heat recovery, non-electric air conditioning, cooling-heating-power system and more.

2) Electricity saving: Electricity consumption is six times less than that of conventional buildings by using technology such as LED lighting and auto power- generated lifts.

3) Land saving: 5 to 10 times less land due to increased building height and decreased traffic.

4) Purer air: with BROAD unique fresh air machining this project offers 20 times purer air than outdoor air. BROAD technologies feature a 3-stage air purification, 7 times/hour air exchange and 100% fresh air eliminating cross contamination.

The project was initiated in April 2012 and is subject to the final approval by the government. On June 5, 2012 agreements were struck between BROAD and its partners, which was revealed across the Internet during which BROAD has been invited to release this blueprint. Official planning will be announced in August, 2012.

The old design had – Sky gardens locate on floor 71, 121, 156, 176 and 191(12,000m2 in total), also function as the helipads, which are able to evacuate tens of thousand people during fire emergency, provide extra fire protection than conventional skyscrapers.

The new design has hospitals, schools and other services of a city.

The old 200 floor design had

• Four 4m wide streets start from the ground to the floor121at 400m, the total length of street is 12 kilometers, shops, agriculture markets, handcraft shops, restaurants, amusement parks, sports centers, natatorium, cinemas, opera houses, museums, libraries, training centers, schools, kindergartens, clinics, banks, police stations, etc. on both sides of street, same as city downtown. Botanical garden, natural parks, fishponds, waterfalls, sand beach can be found in some floors, same as the suburban.

• 16 large observation elevators and 31 high-speed elevators can serve 30,000 people every hour.

The new 220 floor design has more than doubled the number of elevators to 104.
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